Licensing Insurance Guidelines


  • Your license/registration/tracking number(s) must appear on all forms.
  • Your business name and address must match Department records.
  • Any corrected forms must be submitted by your insurance producer or insurance broker.
  • The Certificate Holder box must read:

    New York City Department of Buildings
    Attn: Licensing & Exams Unit
    280 Broadway, 6th Floor
    New York, NY 10007
  • If you update a cancelled policy, you must submit a letter of re-instatement along with the updated insurance certificate.
  • All information must be typed. Handwritten corrections will not be accepted.
  • Updated insurance certificates must be submitted to the email address that corresponds with the license type.
  • Insurance certificates are required to be in PDF format.
  • Pictures of insurance certificates will not be accepted.
  • Insurance email subject line must include a license number(s) and license type(s).
    NOTE: Insurance Certificates will no longer be accepted via fax

General Liability Insurance

  • Each occurrence must be a minimum of one million dollars.
  • Your insurance producer/broker must provide an original signed and notarized Certification by Broker
Accepted Forms:
  • Acord 25 (2013/04) – Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Acord 25 (2014/01) – Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Acord 25 (2016/03) – Certificate of Liability Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance

  • The business telephone number is required on C105.2 (9/15) and GSI 105.2 (2/02).
Accepted Forms:
  • U26.3 – Certificate of Workers' Compensation Ins (NYS Insurance Fund only)
  • C105.2 (9/15) – Certificate of Workers' Compensation Insurance
  • GSI 105.2 (2/02) – Certificate of Participation in Workers' Compensation

Disability Insurance

  • A business telephone number must be included.
  • Your insurance policy number and Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) must appear on your Disability certificate.
Accepted Forms
  • DB 120.1 (12-13) – Certificate of Compliance with Disability Benefits Law
  • DB 120.1 (09-15) – Certificate of Compliance with Disability Benefits Law
  • DB 120.2 (02-13) – Certificate of Compliance with Disability Benefits Law

Exemption from Workers’ Compensation & Disability Insurance

You may submit an Affidavit of Exemption from worker's compensation and disability insurance if there are no employees in your company.

NOTE: General Contractors (Registered/Non-Registered) and Safety Registration applicants cannot submit an affidavit of exemption.

  • You must submit the original Affidavit (not a copy).
  • Your Affidavit must have an original signature and date.
Accepted Forms:

Submitting Certificates

Email your scanned PDF Insurance Certificates to one of the email addresses below:

  • Elevator Agency Directors -
  • Oil Burner Equipment Installers -
  • Plumbing and Fire Suppression Contractors -
  • Master and Special Electricians -
  • Riggers and Sign Hangers -
  • Registered General Contractors, Safety Registrations, and Insurance Tracking Numbers -


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