License Renewal: Master Rigger

To renew your Master Rigger License, you must submit the documents listed in-person to the Department’s Licensing & Exams Unit.  License renewals may be submitted to the Department’s Licensing & Exam Unit Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 12:45pm located at:

NYC Department of Buildings
Licensing & Exams Unit
280 Broadway, 1st floor
New York, NY 10007

Documents Include

  • Original, typewritten LIC2 License Application
    • If you have more than one business you must submit two (2) LIC2 applications with the Primary and Secondary business information reversed on each application
    • Partners/Officers correspond with the Primary business on each application
    • Recent utility bill (electric, gas, water), bank statement lease of deed with the Licensee’s name and address if the home address has changed
  • Completed, typewritten LIC34 Licensing Supplemental Affidavit (if applicable)
  • LIC51 application
    NOTE: Applicants may also fill out the LIC51 Voluntary Authorization for Service of Process by Email even if they would like to receive Notices of Violation (NOV)/Summonses via email.
  • Completed Buildings Physical Examination Form (LIC61) signed by a physician (must be completed within 90 days prior to the appointment date)
  • Proof of Certification of Compliance with substance abuse provisions. The Department will provide a substance abuse policy compliance document for you to complete during your appointment.
  • Typed and notarized letter from the licensee listing the name, address and telephone number of the laboratory that performed the substance abuse test and a statement giving consent for the laboratory to the release such information to the Department upon request
  • Previous Department-issued Designated Rigging Foremen Certificates
  • Current/expired Department of Buildings Master Rigger License card
  • Photo ID (Driver’s license, State ID, or Passport)
  • $150.00 Renewal Fee Payment; $5.00 per Foreman Card.
    NOTE: To avoid a $50.00 late fee, renewal applications must be submitted 30-60 days before the expiration date indicated on your license card.
  • Original 8-Hour Refresher Course Certificate from a Department-approved course provider (must be completed within one year prior to renewal).

    NOTE: If you received an Intent Not to Renew letter, you must submit the required documentation stated in the letter PRIOR to renewal, and you must be cleared to renew before coming to the Licensing & Exams Unit to begin the renewal process. As of July 1, 2015 Licensees must submit an original eight (8) hour Refresher Course Certificate from a Department-approved training program.


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