Renewing Permits

Permit Renewals are issued on active permits and permits that have expired but have activity on theapplication within a two-year period of the permit expiration date for varioustypes of general construction within the five boroughs. Job filings that werefiled in DOB NOW: Build must have their permits issued and renewed inDOB NOW: Build.

For BIS job filings, the Department’s PermitRenewal Unit issues renewals as well as:

  • Superseding activepermits
  • General Contractor'stracking number insurance update
  • Reviews WorkWithout a Permit violations – the Unit may override or assess the civilpenalty of such violations as deemed necessary.
  • Process outstandingcivil penalty fee payments due.

*TIP: When aSuperseding Letter is Necessary
A superseding letteris required when replacing a contractor on a permit that is currently active.This letter is authorized by the owner and allows the previous contractor to bereplaced on record with a newly hired contractor.*

The customer servicewindow hours are now 9:00 am to 3:00 pm, Monday through Friday. All walk-insthat would like their applications processed the same-day should make theirsubmissions prior to 1:00 pm.

Renewed permits can either be downloaded or picked up from the Department. Please indicate yourpreference when submitting your application on the addressed return envelope.

For DOB NOW: Build job filings, thefollowing can be done online:

  • Request permit andrenew a permit
  • Pay permit renewalfees
  • Print permit

Permit request and renewals can be submitted online at any time. Once submitted, these requestswill be process by Department staff during normal business hours. Applicant cantrack the status of a request online. Automatic email notification will also besent to individuals associated with the filing in the system.

Permits issued in DOB NOW: Build havean expiration date that is the earliest of:

  • insurances expiration(general liability, disability, or workers’ compensation);
  • license expiration;
  • one year from date ofissuance.

For those permitswhere the expiration date is less than one year from date of issuance becauseof expiration of an insurance or the license, the permit will now be extendedautomatically at no cost if the insurance or license is renewed before theexpiration date.

The new expirationdate will be reflected in DOB NOW at the end of the day of the currentexpiration date.


  • General Liabilityexpires 12/31/2018, Workers’ Compensation expires 11/15/2019, Disabilityexpires 11/30/2019, License expires 11/30/2019
  • On 10/1/2018, a permitis issued – the Expiration Date will be 12/31/2018 (earliest expiration date ofinsurances/license)
  • On 12/15/2018,Licensing Unit processes GC’s submission of a new General Liability insurance certificate
  • On 12/31/2018 end ofday, DOB NOW automatically extends expiration date to 9/30/2019 (one year fromoriginal issuance date)

In order to get theautomatic permit extension, renewal information must be submitted at least 5days in advance to the DOB Licensing Unit to ensure sufficient time forprocessing. (See for instructions to submit new insurance certificates and for license renewal information.) If there is a lapse in insurance or license, then thelicensee will need to renew the permit and pay the $100 fee. For permits thatexpire because it has been more than one year since the date of issuance, thelicensee must also continue to renew pay the $100 fee.

Properly Completing a Permit Renewal Application for BIS Job Filing

  • Notarize permitrenewal application in Section 8, when a renewal with change is required
  • Enclose an individual$100.00 check for each work type
  • Check off only onework type per application
  • Sidewalk shed permitsalways require approval letters in order to be renewed. The letter mustinclude:
  • A description of thecondition of the building or portion of building, and the amount of workperformed since issuance of the last shed permit
  • An estimate of the amountof time needed to complete the work as well as the name, address and telephonenumber of the property owner
  • An original signatureand seal from a professional engineer or registered architect, attesting to theitems listed above
  • Remember to indicateon the addressed return envelope. Whether you want your permit to be mailed toyou or whether you plan to pick it up
  • Fence Waiver lettersmust be signed and dated by an authorized Department of Buildings official only

In order to get a permit the following typesof insurance are required for permits renewal:

  • Workers Compensationand Disability Insurance are required for all permits
  • Street obstructionbonds are needed for all construction equipment permits (i.e. Fence, Shed, and Scaffold)
  • Liability Insurance isrequired for all New Building (NB) applications

Properly Completing aPermit Renewal Application for DOB NOW: Build Job Filings

  • Locate initial permitfiling in DOB NOW: Build and select Renew Work Permit
  • Complete requiredinformation online
  • Pay $100 permitrenewal fee online
  • Upload any requireddocument if necessary
  • Apply electronicsignature
  • Submit request online

BIS Permit RenewalApplication Filing Steps

  • Submit the PW2 application two weeks before itsexpiration (two copies)
  • Make sure allinsurance is updated on your existing tracking number or submit insurancecertificates that reflect that policies are currently in effect
  • Provide completeinformation on permit application (PW2)
  • Submit $100.00 renewalfee for each work type, except for work that is exempt or fee deferred

Obtain BIS Job Filing PermitRenewal Status

  • Visit BuildingsInformation System on our website
  • Use the publiccomputers access terminals
  • Contact the PermitRenewal Unit

*TIP: Change inBusiness Address
Contractors mustsubmit an original typed and notarized letter on company letterhead, whichincludes the old place of business address in addition to the new location ofbusiness. The contractor must also submit new original insurance certificatesthat include the new place of business address. Contractors must also completea renewal with change PW2 Form showing the new address.*