Green Roofs

Green roofs have vegetation that absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, and combats the heat island effect, where urban environments have higher temperatures than surrounding areas.

Because a green roof will add substantial weight to a building’s structure, you must hire a Professional Engineer or Registered Architect to perform a structural analysis to determine if the existing roof and its support system can hold the added load without a modification.


Green Roof Property Tax Abatement

New York City offers property tax abatements to property owners that install solar green roofs on their buildings.

An applicant’s professional designee must certify that the installation meets design and other requirements under all applicable Laws, Rules and Codes. Generally, alteration applications and other requirements of the solar or green roof systems installation represent good practice and would be followed, regardless of the tax abatement application.

State law requires that all applications for a green roof tax abatement must include an applicant agreement with a maintenance plan for the compliance period (year of abatement) plus three additional years.