The Hub launched in 2011 to modernize and accelerate the approval process for construction projects throughout the city, reducing office visits and paper submissions.

Application Processing

The Hub consists of the Development Hub, Hub Full-Service and Hub Self-Service for submission of standard plan examination and professionally certified applications. eFiling was expanded on June 8, 2020 to allow for processing of New Building, Alteration Type 1 and Alteration Type 2 with enlargement applications in Hub Full-Service and Hub Self-Service.  

All job applications processed in the Buildings Information System are required to be submitted in eFiling except professional certification Builders Pavement Plan (BPP), full demolition (DM), landmarks with ‘C - Calendared marked properties, legalization, no work projects, subdivision and School Construction Authority applications. See the May 2020 Service Notice for details about exception filings.

Development Hub procedures have not changed, and the first step is to submit a Consultation Request. See below for the Development Hub request form, user guide, step-by-step process and frequently asked questions.

The portal to Electronically Submit Documents (eSubmit) in eFiling allows for the submission of post approval amendments, corrections, certificate of occupancy/letter of completion folder review requests, withdrawal requests and required items for review by Hub and borough office staff.


Initial permits are also now required to be submitted in eFiling through the eSubmit portal. The Renew Permits module in eFiling remains to renew permits without change. Permits with change (including permits that require an L2) continue to be dropped off at a borough office.

After Hours Variance (AHV) permits are submitted in eFiling.


The Express Cashier module in eFiling accepts the fees for benchmarking violations, filing fee balances, hazardous violations, post approval amendments, records management, and temporary certificate of occupancy.

Civil Penalty Review Requests (L2)

To submit an L2 request for a BIS job, use an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW and select the BIS portal. See the April 2020 Service Notice for more information.

Reinstatement Requests

To request reinstatement of a BIS job, submit a PER11 Drop Off Request to the appropriate borough office email address.

More Information

May 2020 Service Notices - Mandatory Submission of all BIS Job Applications and Mandatory Submission of all Alt-2 and Alt-3 BIS Job Applications in eFiling

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