Borough & HUB Services

Plan examination happens in a DOB borough office or virtually through the HUB. The registered design professional (RDP) you hire – known as the Applicant of Record or Applicant – is responsible for submitting your project application, drawings and required documents. The Department only accepts complete drawings with each application.

Filing in a Borough Office

Jobs that that are not professionally certified by your RDP are filed through a DOB borough office. See the general process for filing a project application at a DOB borough office to obtain a permit for your job.

Using HUB Services

The HUB launched to modernize and accelerate the approval process for submission of standard plan examination and professionally certified applications for construction projects throughout the City. Comprised of three components (the Development HUB, HUB Self-Service, HUB Full-Service) your RDP can electronically submit applications and construction plans to the Department for virtual plan review.

  • The Development HUB handles major construction projects requesting standard plan examination. A consultation is required. Permits are issued at the borough office where the project is located.
  • HUB Self-Service allows your RDP to professionally certify plans for small construction projects (Alt2 and Alt3) without visiting a Department office. Through eFiling the RDP can complete the necessary electronic forms, and upload the appropriate documents to receive approvals and obtain construction permits. Alt2 and Alt3 applications are typically submitted when there is no change in use, occupancy, or egress.
  • HUB Full-Service is designed to give property owners the option to electronically submit plans to the Department for minor construction projects. Your RDP or Filing Representative will submit the required documents electronically; collaborate with the Department through virtual plan review; and permits will be issued online.

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