Filing a Post Approval Amendment

STEP 1: Complete the PW1.

  • Select the Amendment option in the Changes section
  • Complete Sections 1 through 4 and 16 (always required). Complete Sections 6, 7A, 8, and 9, as applicable.
  • If you are changing Section 7, Part A, be clear and specific about the change. This job description will overwrite the job description on the original PW1.
  • In Section 16-Comments, be specific in your description of the change. For example: Amend Schedule B to add a bathroom on floor 001.
TIP: To optimize the new PAA edit feature for Schedule B changes, list all Schedule B work-types (PL, SD & SP) on your first Schedule B PAA even if you are not making a change to all work-types. This will enable you to make subsequent Schedule B edits without filing a new PAA. If you are filing a PAA to correct an OATH summons/violation for work contrary to plans, include the OATH summons/violation number in Section 16. For example: Per OATH# 34321359L, amending plans to show room addition.

STEP 2:  Complete the appropriate Schedules. 

  • Complete the appropriate schedules if the change affects information on the Schedule A and/or B.

STEP 3:  Amend the plans if the change affects the plans.

  • On the Schedule A or Schedule B, indicate only the items that are being changed and use a highlighter pen to highlight all the changed information
  • Help the Department find your changes. Circle the information that has changed on your plans.

STEP 4:  Proofread amended documents. 

  • Check for typos. Application errors can delay data  entry and approval.
TIP: Check the meter and riser counts, fixture counts and locations on the Schedule B, a common source of mistakes.

STEP 5:  Submit your PAA application to the borough office.

  • Make a copy of the original. Submit the original and the copy. DOB will keep the copy.
  • We will date stamp and return the original to you. Make sure the original remains in the job folder.

STEP 6:  Check BISWeb to verify that the PAA has been data entered correctly.

  • Look in BISWeb for the PAA. Look for a status of PAA Fee due which indicates that the PAA has been data entered and is awaiting payment.
NOTE: If the job is fee deferred/exempt, the PAA is also fee deferred/exempt and you should skip STEP 7 below.
  • Report errors to the DEAR Unit immediately. 
  • If the error is due to the Department's error, we will correct it so that BIS matches the paperwork submitted by the applicant.
  • If the error is due to applicant error, the Department will require the applicant to submit new paperwork to correct the error. No additional fee will be charged providing the PAA in question is still open.
TIP: Before approval the PAA document will ONLY reflect the items requested to be changed. Upon approval, the information on the PAA document will overwrite the original document.

STEP 7: Pay the fee at the cashier counter.

  • Pay the $100 Post Approval Amendment (PAA) fee at the cashier counter to obtain AP Entire status.

STEP 8:  Request approval.

  • If the PAA involves an increase in the scope of work, you must see a fee estimator and pay any additional fees prior to approval. 
    • Professionally Certified Jobs: Return to DEAR to obtain status of Approved. Check the original document to make sure that it has been overwritten with the amendment information. The PAA process is complete.
    • Non-professionally Certified Jobs: All PAAs for plan examined jobs submitted after October 15, 2020 will have a first review without the need for an appointment. Jobs disapproved or PAAs filed prior to October 15, 2020, must schedule an appointment. Failed audits must continue to submit a PER11 Appointment Form to request an appointment to resolve objections. The PAA document must be in AP Entire status in order to schedule a plan exam appointment.

Meet the Plan Examiner for PAA Review

  • Make sure the original document is in the job folder
  • If the PAA is disapproved, address the plan exam objections and make an appointment.
  • If the PAA is approved, look in BISWeb for a status of Approved.
  • Check the original document to make sure that it has been overwritten with the amendment information. The PAA process is complete.
Please be aware...
  • The Open PAA Correction feature only affects PAAs amending Schedule A and Schedule B filed.
  • You may edit a PAA amending Schedule A or Schedule B any time prior to approval at no additional fee charge. To edit a PAA amending other data (metes & bounds, description of work, etc.) you may have to withdraw and re-file the original PAA (a fee will be charged)
NOTE: You may not submit a PAA to amend Schedule A or Schedule B if a PAA amending Schedule A or Schedule B on the same document is pending

For example, you submitted a PAA to amend the Schedule A on Document #1 (OT work-type). While that PAA is open, you may not submit another PAA amending the OT work-type on Document #1. You must withdraw or approve the Schedule A (OT) PAA.
  • You must include an Occupancy Group on all PAAs affecting Schedule A
  • Because you have the ability to edit/correct PAAs, you must ensure the accuracy of a PAA document before it is approved. The Department can no longer make corrections to a PAA after its approval. To correct an approved PAA, you will need to submit a new PAA and pay the $100 fee.

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