Info for Business Owners

Business Owner’s Bill of Rights

The Business Owner’s Bill of Rights ensures that business owners are provided with prompt, efficient, and easily accessible service.

As a business owner, you have the right to:

  • Courteous and professional treatment by our employees – Executive Order 115
  • Inspectors who are polite, professionally dressed and properly identified
  • Information about how long inspections will take and the cost of all related fees
  • Knowledgeable Inspectors who enforce Agency rules uniformly
  • Receive information about Agency rules from Inspectors or other employees – Industry Code of Conduct
  • Contest a summons/violation through a hearing, trial or other relevant process 
  • Request a review of inspection results or re-inspection as soon as possible
  • Receive explanation from Inspectors (if requested) on violation details and instructions for viewing inspection results
  • Access information in languages other than English and request language interpretation services for inspections. – Language Access
  • Comment, anonymously and without fear of retribution, on the performance or conduct of our employee

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