Project Checklists for Owner:
Electrical Systems

This section contains a list of questions/tasks to help owners, who are responsible for hiring professionals to provide compliance with the Construction Codes and other regulations discussed in the Project Guidelines.

Checklists include:

Initial Project Checklist


  • Pre-Project: Hire a NYS licensed/registered Professional Engineer (PE) or Registered Architect (RA) to verify if proposed scope of electrical work requires submission of plans for DOB review and approval to ensure project is Code compliant.
  • Project Plans: Only a P.E. or R.A. can submit construction documents, including drawings and other submissions, to the Department for approval.
  • Asbestos Investigation: Have asbestos investigation performed on site to check for Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) that will be removed or disturbed.
  • Project Work: Hire a Master Licensed Electrician to perform the work. When hiring a professional, have a written contract that includes the Contractor’s company name, address and license number(s). Also, be sure to verify licensure.
  • Post Work Permit: Ensure Electrical permit is posted in a conspicuous place at the work site for the duration of the work.
  • Historic and/or Landmark Buildings: Historic and/or Landmark buildings that are eligible or listed on the State/National Registers of Historic Places (SHPO) or listed by the Landmarks Preservation Commission may require special permission to perform electrical installations.
  • DOB NOW Requirement: Owner must provide and maintain a valid email address to DOB for correspondence, inspections and certification. For additional information, please see DOBNOW.
  • Work Completion: Ensure that the NYC licensed Master Electrician has completed all electrical work and scheduled an electrical inspection appointment, with DOB, so the job may be certified as complete.


  • Work Without a Permit: Do not begin work without a DOB Electrical Permit. Property owners and the people performing work without a permit may face violations with penalties, court appearances, and civil and/or criminal penalties.

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Prior to Application Approval Checklist

  • Hire a Registered Design Professional (RDP), P.E. or R.A., to consult and finalize scope of work.
  • Provide consent of the project submission requirements, and authorize the P.E. or R.A. – who is the ‘Applicant of Record’ – to submit project plans (electrical documents) for Department approval.
  • Project approval is required prior to beginning work.

*Note: The Owner of the building/property is ultimately responsible for the project, and their signature/consent is required for submission of the project application by their design professional, and Department approval.*

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Pre-Permit & On-going Project Work Checklist


  • Licensed Electrician: Hire NYC licensed Master or Special Electrician to obtain Electrical work permit in order to begin work.
  • Special Inspections: If the scope of work requires, hire the required Special Inspection Agency for performing Special / Progress Inspections.
  • Notify the Department: Prior to permit, provide the names of Special Inspection Agencies hired to do the Special Inspections, using an online submission.


  • Site Safety: Property owners must maintain their properties in a safe condition during the course of work.

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Project Completion Close-out Checklist

  • Special Inspections: If the scope of work requires, the Special Inspection Agency hired must complete these and submit results online to DOB.
  • Department Inspections: Verify that the contractor has completed DOB inspections and obtained a sign-off of the completed work.

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