Safety Measures

Before renting, you should verify the building can be legally occupied as presented by the owner. Research the history of the building, including violations and permits, and check that required safety measures are present. You can research the building's information on the Department's Buildings Information System (BIS).

When looking at the space you are seeking to rent verify that:
  • The apartment/room has fire and carbon monoxide detectors.
  • The apartment/room has two means of exiting in the case of a fire.
  • The room(s) has access to natural light and ventilation – all bedrooms must have a window.
  • Electricity to the apartment/room is not provided by an extension cord.
  • The room(s) is not locked with a padlock.

There are some conditions in your home that may endanger you or your family. Please review these important safety tips and make sure that your apartment is safe. You can file a complaint with the appropriate City Agency by calling 311 or using 311 ONLINE.

Find more information on Important Health and Safety Issues, please visit the Housing Preservation & Development site.

Living Safely Campaign

The Living Safely multi-lingual campaign was created to alert tenants and homeowners to the dangers of illegal apartments and substandard conditions.

Each heating season a team of Department Inspectors and members from our Community Affairs Unit distribute flyers to remind residents about simple strategies to live safely.

Living Safely

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