The City may issue a Vacate Order to ensure public safety from damaged buildings, illegal conditions, or dangerous conditions that may exist on or near the property. The amount of time a vacate order is in effect depends on the severity of the problem and how soon an unsafe condition is corrected. Details are provided on the stickers posted on the property.

You can request information about vacate orders from the Construction Division Office in the borough where the building is located. This office's contact information will be listed on the Vacate Order:

(718) 960-4730
Brooklyn (718) 802-3684/3685
Manhattan (212) 393-2553
Queens (718) 286-8360
Staten Island (718) 420-5418

People are not allowed to enter structures or buildings that have vacate orders in effect. If you have seen people in the building but they have already left, you can file a report. Violations are issued when appropriate.

The Department reserves the right to vacate premises, if upon inspection, conditions are deemed to pose an eminent danger to its occupants. Under such circumstances, a Vacate Order would be posted on a visible surface of the building to advising occupants of their need to leave the premises.

The City can immediately vacate unsafe illegal apartments or rooms. Landlords can be fined up to $25,000 and face other penalties. Additional notices of violation may accompany the issuance of a Vacate Order. Vacate orders are rescinded upon correction of the matter for which the order was given.

To learn more about illegal living spaces or to request a Buildings Department inspection, contact 311 ONLINE.