Application Review

Each application being submitted to the BEST Plan Examination Unit shall be subject to an Administrative Review followed by a Technical Review. An Administrative Review consists of an overall verification that all relevant and pertinent information has been included on the respective cover sheet and all file naming conventions are being adhered to.

If an application fails to satisfy any of the requirements indicated above, an administrative disapproval (AD) shall be issued to the applicant via email. All administrative disapprovals must be re-submitted once all corrections have been made before the application can proceed to an examiner for Technical Review. Technical reviews will result in either an approval or technical review objections.  

Both approvals and objections will be issued via email to the applicant with the approved or marked up plans. Response to objections will follow the submission process outlined above. 

All SSP content shall be in accordance with Administrative Code, Article 110, Sections 28-110.1 and 28-110.2

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