Crane Notice (CN)


Only Completed Cranes Notices (CN) will be Accepted for Review Pool

In order for a Cranes Notice (CN) application to be reviewed as quickly as possible, include the following:

  • One original signed copy of the fully completed CD-4 form
  • Four copies of the signed, fully completed CD-4 form
  • Four copies of the project drawings
  • Four copies of the Technical Report (Form 10F/CD-8), if applicable
  • One copy of the Community Board Notification
  • One copy of the signed and sealed engineer’s letter
  • One copy of the signed and sealed calculations (for all cranes and configurations submitted)
  • One copy of the receipt of fees
  • One copy of the Letter of Evacuation, only if the load lifted passes over an occupied building

In addition, Tower Crane applications must include:
  • Four copies of the completed CD-7, Notification of Raising/Lowering a Tower Crane
  • Four copies of the completed CD-12, Designation of a Site Safety Coordinator

Note: The Letter of Approval from the Transit Authority (if applicable) does not have to be submitted with the original application. Review of the application will proceed, but approval will be withheld until the letter is received.

No CN application will be reviewed until all of the required items have been received. Once all components are submitted, the application will be entered into the review pool and will be reviewed in the order in which the completed application was received.


For more information call the Cranes & Derricks Unit at (212) 393-2411.

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