AEU Forms

The paper Certificate of Correction affidavit and statement forms (AEU2, AEU3321 and AEU20) can no longer be sent or delivered in person to the Administrative Enforcement Unit. To submit a Certificate of Correction request, use an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW at and select the BIS Options portal. See the April 2020 Service Notice or Certificate of Correction Request User Guide.


AEU2 - Certificate of Correction
Use this form to certify correction of an OATH/ECB Violation issued by the Department of Buildings.

AEU20 - Statement in Support of Certificate of Correction
Use this form when preparing the required statement(s) to accompany the Certificate of Correction (AEU2 Form)

AEU3321 - Certificate of Correction and Statement in Support of Site Safety Training
The AEU3321 form must be used to certify the correction of summonses issued for failing to comply with training requirements pursuant to BC Section 3321.1 and/or Section 3321.2.1. The form combines the AEU2 (Certificate of Correction) and the AEU20 (Statement in Support). The AEU2 and AEU20 forms will not be accepted for summonses related to the site safety training requirements. Please be sure to use the AEU3321 form with the Rev. 4/20 date.

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