Electronic Submission Process


Applicants must submit Site Safety Plans (SSP) and coversheet electronically to the BEST Squad via PDF email attachments. Drop off and pick up will no longer be necessary.

The email with attachments must be sent to bestplanexam@buildings.nyc.gov. Each application must be accompanied by a cover sheet and all of the necessary supporting documents.

How to Submit Your Application

  1. The application package must be submitted as a zipped PDF file. Attachments must not exceed 15 MBs.

  2. New application submissions must adhere to the following zip file naming convention: YYYY–MM–DD-Building Number-Street Name/Avenue-Job Number


         2014-08-10-280-Reade Street-123468789
         2014-08-10-280-New York Avenue-123468789

  3. The email subject line on new application submission must adhere to the following naming convention: Building Number-Street Name-Job Number


         280-Reade Street-123468789
         280-New York Avenue-123468789

  4. All applications must include a Digital Cover Sheet as a separate file attachment.

  5. Applications may be submitted as a Complete Site Safety Package or as a Phased Site Safety Package. A Complete Site Safety Package encompasses the entire project from Support of Excavation (SOE) through Superstructure while a Phased Site Safety Package divides the safety-related logistics review into four distinct portions of the project.


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