Resolving an OATH Summons or Violation

The paper Certificate of Correction affidavit and statement forms (AEU2, AEU3321 and AEU20) can no longer be sent or delivered in person to the Administrative Enforcement Unit. To submit a Certificate of Correction request, use an eFiling account to log into DOB NOW at and select the BIS Options portal. See the April 2020 Service Notice or Certificate of Correction Request User Guide.

Steps to Correct an OATH Summons

All violating condition(s) must be corrected and certified as corrected with the NYC Department of Buildings. To certify correction, you must submit the following documents to AEU in DOB NOW at

  • an original Certificate of Correction affidavit (AEU2 or AEU3321 Form) completed by one of the following individuals: respondent named on the summons, officer of the named corporation, property owner, managing agent of place of occurrence, partner of named respondent partnership; contractor or other agent

  • notarized statement (AEU20 Form) attesting to how the violating condition(s) were corrected if submitting an AEU2 form

  • proof of correction: permits, receipts, photographs, inspection results, etc.; and

  • proof of payment of any applicable DOB civil penalties.

To get forms and for questions about summonses/violations contact the AEU's Customer Service Team via our help form at or call (212) 393-2405.

Immediately Hazardous (Class 1) Summonses

Class 1 summonses must be corrected immediately and a Certificate of Correction must be filed with AEU to prove the violating condition(s) have been corrected. Immediately Hazardous (Class 1) Summonses that are not corrected and certified as corrected in a timely manner, face additional DOB civil penalties of $1,500 and re-inspections every 60 days.

Upon re-inspection, if it is determined the condition remains or an acceptable Certificate of Correction has not been filed with DOB, additional summonses may be issued.
To avoid the $1,500 civil penalty and further re-inspections of the condition, certify the summons as corrected with AEU.

To pay an Immediately Hazardous civil penalty, log into eFiling, select Express Cashier  Payments and Hazardous Violation Fees. Payment can be made by eCheck or credit card, which includes a 2% service charge. In-person payments will no longer be accepted. A copy of the receipt must be submitted with a Certificate of Correction request.

Tips & Additional Information

  • Comply with the Construction Codes, Zoning Resolution, and other applicable rules and laws.

  • Always obtain permits when necessary.

  • Work within the scope of your permit. Hire registered/licensed design professionals.

  • Hire registered/licensed contractors. Perform regular or scheduled maintenance on buildings.

  • Comply with required inspection and reporting requirements for façades, boilers, and elevators.

  • Stay current with new requirements by signing up for the Department’s monthly newsletter, Buildings News.

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