Façade Filing Instructions

Please read the Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP) Filing Instructions information before uploading the report in DOB NOW: Safety.

FISP1 and FISP2: Time Request

All FISP1 (Initial Extension of Time Request) and FISP2 (Additional Extension of Time Request) time requests must be submitted electronically through DOB NOW: Safety.

FISP3: Notification of Unsafe Conditions

All FISP3 (Notification of Unsafe Conditions) must be submitted electronically through DOB NOW: Safety.  For any hazardous conditions please first call 311 or 911.

FCP Facades Cashier Civil Penalty

Use this form to submit civil penalties owed.

FWP Facades Waiver of Penalties

Use this form to request a waiver of façade civil penalties.

TR6 Technical Report: Periodic Inspection of Exterior Walls & Appurtenances

The TR6 Report is a required compliance filing that must be completed in DOB NOW: Safety. You must be registered in eFiling to log into DOB NOW: Safety. Register in eFiling. The report must be accompanied by the Engineer and/or Architect's report.