Installing a Sign

Signs must comply with regulations outlined in the NYC Construction Codes and the NYC Zoning Resolution. There are restrictions on where advertising signs can be located.

To install a sign, a construction permit is required to be submitted in DOB NOW: Build. Signs that are painted or smaller than six square feet and not illuminated do not require a permit. See here for more information about work that can be done without a permit.

Electrical Permit

A proposed sign requiring an electrical connection must have a separate work permit to install it. This permit is filed by a licensed electrician in DOB NOW: Build

Illuminated Sign Permit

If the sign is illuminated, an annual illuminated sign permit may also be required. Illuminated sign permits must be renewed annually. Owners of illuminated signs that extend beyond the building line will be automatically billed for an Annual Illuminated Sign Permit.

Hanging a Sign

Signs must be hung by a Licensed Sign Hanger. Following is a list of Licensed Sign Hangers:

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