Presentation: Resolving OATH Violations

The most common type of violation/summons the Department issues is when there is non-compliance with the NYC Building Code, the Zoning Resolution, the Electrical Code or other applicable rules and laws. Each violation/summons contains a Commissioner’s Order to correct the condition and to certify correction with the Department.  Those wishing to dispute a violation/summons must attend a hearing at the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings/Environmental Control Board (OATH). 

OATH is an administrative court that provides hearings on violations/summonses issued by City agencies.  OATH renders judgment, imposes and collects all penalties assessed at hearings.  OATH does not:

  • Issue violations/summonses
  • Establish enforcement policies
  • Employ inspectors or agents
  • Direct, control or otherwise influence where, when or to whom violations are issued

This presentation provides additional information on resolving OATH Violations.