Rectify Sign Violations


Signs, either advertising or non-advertising, must comply with the regulations set forth in the Zoning Resolution (surface area, height, illumination, etc.) and Building Code (structural issues, permits, etc.). Failure to comply may result in issuance violations and the assessing of fines.

Each illegal sign is ordinarily issued multiple Environmental Control Board (ECB) violations. An ECB violation is issued by the Department when a property does not comply with a part of the New York City Construction Codes and or Zoning Resolution. Penalties for first time offences are $10,000 each and subsequent violations are $25,000 each.

There are three classes of Department of Buildings’ ECB Violations: Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous), Class 2 (Major) and Class 3 (Lesser). To resolve an ECB Violation, you must:


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