Scaffolds & Sheds


The Department’s Scaffold Safety Unit oversees the installation and use of suspended scaffolds, supported scaffolds, and sidewalk sheds to advance the safety of these structures and the workers using them.


Scaffold and Shed Assembly

When delivering and setting up (and subsequently removing) spanning beams for sidewalk sheds, knuckle boom cranes, or boom trucks may be used to put beams in place, as long as the beams are not attached or bolted while suspended from the crane (similar to delivery of materials).

When setting lane closures in front of sidewalk sheds and scaffolds, knuckle boom cranes and boom trucks may be used to set and remove traffic control devices such as jersey barriers.


Suspended Scaffold Required Notification

The Department must be notified 24 to 48 hours before the use or installation of c-hooks and outrigger beams (BC 3314.1.1). The Licensed Rigger must call (212) 393-2550 and provide the location and date of the installation. A unique confirmation number will be issued and must be retained for records. Failure to provide notification will result in a Stop Work Order


Important Reminders

Inspections & Maintenance Logs

All suspended scaffolds, supported scaffolds, and sidewalk sheds must be inspected daily before each use and the results recorded in a log that is kept on site and available at all times (BC 3314.4.3). Failure to perform the daily inspection and maintain the log will result in a violation.


Suspended Scaffolds

The Licensed Rigger is responsible for maintaining the inspection log.  The log must include information about the critical components of the scaffold, including:

  • Motors – serial numbers and model type
  • Wire rope – size and length
  • Platforms – model and serial number (if applicable)
  • Braking system – auto descend.


When installing anchorage points to the building for tie backs and lifelines, a pull test of these anchors is required and must be certified and stamped by a licensed professional other than the company that installed the anchors (OSHA 1926.502(15)). When the suspended scaffold is being used for Local Law facade inspections, a sidewalk shed is not required; however, flag persons and danger signs must be in place.


Supported Scaffolds

The Contractor or permit holder is responsible for maintaining the inspection log.


Sidewalk Sheds

If the shed is being used to support ongoing construction or maintenance work, the contractor on duty will be responsible for the log during business hours. When conducting the inspection of the shed, it is important to check the lighting underneath the shed.


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