Site Safety Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the contractor need to pull a permit under the SSP A3?

No, the filing should be a "no work" filing. A SSP is a logistics plan and not a work plan. All underlying work (façade restoration) and any temporary construction equipment requiring filing should be filed under separate applications, as is the current protocol. No required items need be provided.

How do I file a revision to the SSP A3?

Revisions to the SSP must be filed as a Post-Approval Amendment (PAA) to the initial A3 filing, not as an AI1. Existing protocol should be followed.

What information should be placed in the 'Job Description' field on the PW-1 for the SSP A3?

The job description field in the SSP A3 PW-1 must contain the following language verbatim: 'Facade SSP Filed in Conjunction with Application......' Provide the BIS application number for the underlying restoration work. The underlying work application must be on file in BIS (A/P Status) at the time of the SSP A3 filing but does not have to be approved.

How do I get the required item for site safety satisfied in the underlying work application so the contractor can pull a permit?

Once the SSP A3 is approved in BIS proceed as follows:

  • Notify the Construction Safety Compliance (CSC) Plan Exam Unit by email at SFaç and include the following information in the subject line:

    Filing Address_SSP Application #_Underlying Work Application #_Date of Approval of Underlying Work Application_Request Required Item Be Satisfied in BIS

    Example: 280 Broadway_SSP A3 123456789_ALT 2 321654987_06-09-15_Request Required Item Be Satisfied in BIS
  • Attach the approved SSP to the email notification as a PDF file.
  • Make sure yes for site safety is checked in section # 9 of the PW-1 of the underlying work application. The underlying work application must be approved prior to sending the email request for satisfaction of the site safety required item. CSC Unit staff will review the email account on a daily basis and process the request for satisfaction of the required item. A confirmation email will be sent when the required item is satisfied in BIS.

Will the open SSP A3 affect issuance of TCO or CO?

The SSP A3 application will remain open in BIS and will not affect the issuance of Certificates of Occupancy or Temporary Certificates of Occupancy.

Must the contractor keep the SSP A3 on site?

The approved SSP A3 and any revisions shall be kept on site and available upon request until the underlying work application is closed out (signed off in BIS).

Are there types of façade work that cannot be filed as an SSP A3?

Typical Façade Alterations shall not include the recladding of a structure. For the purposes of this notice, façade recladding is defined as the removal of the exterior building envelope and replacement with a new exterior building envelope; or the installation of a new exterior building envelope over the existing façade.

Can an applicant take advantage of the 2014 Code and revised 1 RCNY 3310.01 for SSPs approved prior to December 31, 2014?

Yes, provided the SSP is amended and the following notes are placed on the SSP. These notes should also be included on all SSPs filed on or after December 31, 2014.

This SSP is filed in compliance with the 2014 NYC Building Code (28-104.2.1; 28-105.12.8; 28-110.1; 3310.3). Site Safety Manger oversight is in compliance with 1 RCNY 3310.01.

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