The Department has implemented significant changes to better protect tenants. We have resources available for tenants to use before your apartment search begins, during the search process, as well as information you should know while living in your apartment. Get information on:

  • Tenant Protection Plans (TPP) – TPPs outline the steps a contractor and your building owner are required to take to protect you when construction or renovation takes place while you occupy a unit in the building. The TPP works to avoid or limit service disruptions and lessen the potential negative impacts of construction. Find out more.
  • Office of the Tenant Advocate (OTA) – Construction can be disruptive, especially when it happens where you live. OTA works to help minimize the impact of construction on existing tenants. If you have concerns about construction in your building contact OTA. Find out more.
  • Tenant Rights – As a renter you have rights and responsibilities. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you maintain safe and stable housing. Find out more.
  • Tenant Harassment – It is illegal for building owners to force tenants to leave their apartments or surrender their rights. If you are a tenant in an apartment in the City who is being harassed by your landlord, you can get information and help. Find out more.
  • Illegal Conversions – Know what to look for when you are apartment hunting to avoid renting an illegal conversion. Find out more.
  • Gas Shut-off & Restoration – Gas service is essential to daily living. If your landlord does not take the necessary steps to restore gas service, there are actions you can take as a tenant. Find out more.
  • Elevator Outages – If you are experiencing a stoppage in service during construction in your building or if you have concerns about the operation of the elevator in your building, learn what your next steps should be. Find out more.