Registration, Download, and Submission Process for CapGrants

I. Registering for CapGrants

When you have a CapGrants account and password, access the NYC CapGrants Portal by clicking on the “CapGrants Portal” tab above. Enter your CapGrants username and password to log in.

The first time you login into the CapGrants Portal you will be prompted to complete a registration form for the CapGrants Portal:

II. Download and Complete Application Documents

Upon completing the registration process, you will be brought to the Home page of the CapGrants Portal, where you will click “Download Application Documents (non-Cultural)” to obtain the Application Documents. The Home page also contains helpful links, deadline reminders, and other instructions.

Please SAVE the Application Documents to your computer and fill them out using Adobe Reader 10.0 or later. To download a free copy of Reader, visit

Please note that you will only need to fill out the Organization Form and the Application(s), and corresponding attachments to each, that are relevant to the project(s) for which you are seeking City funding. You will need to complete an Organization Form even if your organization has applied for funding in a previous year.

DO NOT SCAN the Application Documents.Scanned Application Documents (other than attachments) will not be reviewed.

III. Upload and Submit Application

When you have completed the application on your computer, re-enter the CapGrants Portal and click the “CapGrants Dashboard” button.

Before you can submit a Capital Request for a specific project (e.g., equipment system project or a vehicle project), you must first complete the submission of all Organization documents, which includes the Organization Form and related attachments. You only need to submit the Organization documents once per organization, regardless of the number of Capital Requests the organization is submitting. For example, if you are planning on submitting Capital Requests for a vehicle project and an equipment system project for the same organization, you would only submit the Organization documents once.

Once the Organization documents have been completely submitted, the submitter of the Organization documents can submit a Capital Request for a specific project and/or can choose to allow others to submit one or more Capital Requests by clicking the “Add User” button on the CapGrants Dashboard and entering the new user’s CapGrants username.