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Through HireNYC, Mayor Bill de Blasio is delivering on his commitment to leverage the City’s purchasing power and investments in construction and real estate to create jobs and training opportunities for New Yorkers. HireNYC will provide free, high-quality recruitment services to vendors and businesses filling open positions through City contracts and development projects, and also help New Yorkers better access these jobs. Through this public/private partnership, the city’s workforce will have access to thousands of potential job opportunities through the City’s HireNYC pipeline. 

Below is an overview of all HireNYC programs; for additional details on specific requirements, please see the documents linked for each program.

Summary of HireNYC Programs

  • HireNYC: Goods and Services – Qualifying vendors are required to enroll with the HireNYC portal and interview qualified candidates who meet the requirements of the entry and mid-level positions associated with the contract. Solicitations for goods and services contracts above $1 million require HireNYC obligations. Recruitment support is administered by Workforce1, a free employment service operated by the Department of Small Business Services.
  • HireNYC: Human Services – Human services vendors are required to hire one Public Assistance recipient for every $250,000 received in City funds. This program is administered by Business Link, a free employment service operated by the Human Resource Administration.
  • Sandy Recovery Hiring Plan – For NYC Department of Design and Construction-procured construction contracts above $300,000 that are related to Sandy Recovery efforts, contractors and subcontractors must include apprenticeship agreements and are subject to Outer Borough Residential Project Labor Agreement. All new contracts, regardless of value, are required to submit job postings to and interview candidates from the Sandy Recovery Workforce1 system. All vendors are encouraged to employ 20 percent Sandy-impacted residents on their projects.  
  • HireNYC: Development
    • Construction Jobs: This program connects construction job opportunities generated by NYCEDC and HPD projects to low-income workers. Qualifying developers, General Contractors and sub-contractors are required to enroll with the HireNYC portal and interview qualified candidates who meet the requirements of the entry and mid-level positions associated with the contract. Solicitations for NYCEDC projects above $1 million and HPD projects above $2 million contain new language requiring HireNYC obligations. 
    • Permanent Jobs: This program establishes employment targets related to hiring, retention and advancement for permanent jobs created by businesses at City-supported development projects, including tenants of NYCEDC-managed properties. NYCEDC has expanded this program to new project types and projects receiving assistance from the New York City Industrial Development Agency and BuildNYC Resource Corporation. Tenants and subtenants of these projects with 10 or more permanent positions have to consider Workforce1 candidates.


  • The City is committed to ensuring that the HireNYC programs are meaningful, and the programs will include contractual requirements with which contractors must comply. Failure to do so may lead to the imposition of liquidated damages. Agency contract managers will monitor employer compliance to identify those who have not engaged with the process.
  • If a program incorporates liquidated damages, they will be assessed based on noncompliance with the process, and the withholding of jobs.
  • The HireNYC portal will make it easy for employers to interface with the City, and will be used to facilitate employer registration and the submission of open positions, track employer compliance and support reporting across agencies.
  • Vendors should review their contract to see if enrollment in the portal is a required part of their HireNYC process. If so, they can enroll.

The City looks forward to collaborating with employers, providing the quality talent that they need to grow and thrive. 

Please see the programmatic overviews for more program-specific information.    

For general questions, email: HireNYCQuestions@cityhall.nyc.gov
For questions about the HireNYC Portal, email: HireNYCSupport@sbs.nyc.gov