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Commissioner's Biography

Photo of Marco Carrion
Commissioner Marco A. Carrión
New York City Community Affairs Unit

Marco A. Carrión is the Commissioner of New York City's Community Affairs Unit, which serves as a direct link between the Mayor and our city's neighborhoods.  Through the Community Affairs Unit, Commissioner Carrión is able to bring together community groups, non-profit organizations, civic associations, and concerned citizens to address and rectify the issues facing residents of the five boroughs. 

The son of a public school teacher and a community activist, Commissioner Carrión has deep roots in New York City, possessing a keen understanding of our city's diverse communities, and the respective needs of the neighborhoods and constituents he represents.

Commissioner Carrión's commitment to our city's communities is deeply rooted in his foundation in the national and city labor movements, fighting for the needs of working people. Commissioner Carrión has worked for the national and city branches of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), most recently serving as the Political and Legislative Director of the New York City Central Labor Council, where he forged deep partnerships among 300 local unions from every trade, occupation, and public and private sector of the New York economy. While at the Central Labor Council, Commissioner Carrión brought together a wide spectrum of more than 1.3 million workers, including teachers, truck drivers, nurses, construction workers, electricians, firefighters, retail workers, janitors, train operators, and many more who serve as the face of today's workforce and labor movement. Commissioner Carrión has designed various city labor political, legislative and mobilization campaigns, while also leading coalitions to support a range of progressive causes, including the New York State DREAM Act, and the Paid Sick Leave law. 

Commissioner Carrión has also done political and legislative work for the United Federation of Teachers, where he lobbied federal, state, and city governments on education, labor, health, and human rights issues.

In addition to his commitment to helping to improve conditions for working men and women, Commissioner Carrión has also worked in government, advising Governors Spitzer and Paterson on labor and intergovernmental affairs, and serving as the Chief of Staff for Bronx Senator Gustavo Rivera.  While at the helm of Senator Rivera's office, Commissioner Carrión led the charge to help reinvigorate and meet the needs of one of the poorest and most diverse districts in New York.

Commissioner Carrión is a firm believer in the power of everyday, working people to create change, and he stands committed to working with community, labor, and clergy groups, as well as his colleagues in government to create a more transparent, progressive, and user-friendly Community Affairs Unit.

A Bronx native, Commissioner Carrión is a graduate Vassar College, and Bronx High School of Science.