Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Requests

What is a FOIL Request?

Article 6 of the New York State Public Officers Law is known as the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL). This law allows members of the public to request records from New York State or local government agencies. If a record is located in response to your request, the entire record will be made available unless an exemption applies to all or part of it. FOIL only applies to records, and does not require answers to questions.

How do I make a FOIL Request?

All requests must be in writing and specifically describe the records being requested. Submit the written request directly to the Commission (you may use our FOIL Request Form) via one of the following methods:

Fax: (646) 500-7159
Mail: FOIL Officer, NYC Commission on Human Rights, 22 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007

Or you can visit

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What happens after we receive your FOIL request?

Within 5 business days, we will send a written response either 1) granting the request, 2) denying the request, and/or 3) acknowledging the request and providing an approximate date when a determination will be made.

What are the fees associated with making a FOIL request?

There is a charge of $.25/page for copying records, plus postage charges if you choose to have the document mailed. Payment must be made by check or money order to the New York City Commission on Human Rights before the requested records will be released. Records are also available for public inspection, by appointment, on weekdays between the hours of 9:30AM - 4:00PM.

What if my request is denied?

If the FOIL Officer denies your request, in whole or in part, you may appeal within 30 days by sending a letter to: Damion Stodola, General Counsel, New York City Commission on Human Rights, 22 Reade Street, New York, NY 10007.  Email: