Commission employee speaking at a podium with blue banner behind him that reads in white lettering, "NYC Human Rights. If you feel you've been a victim of discrimination, we can help. @NYCCHR."
Commission Associate Human Rights Specialist Ryan DuBois speaking at our "Elevating Youth Voices and Human Rights Through Art" event, February 2020 (Photo Credit: Afrikanspot LLC)

The NYC Commission on Human Rights combats discrimination and fights to ensure that everyone can live in, work in, or visit New York City free from discrimination and harassment. The Commission regularly hosts and participates in events in all five boroughs of New York City.

Among our monthly events, our staff works with organizations to provide free workshops to educate staff and community members about their rights and obligations under the law. The workshops are offered regularly, per our schedule below, or on-demand. Check out our full list of workshops. You may request a workshop for your organization. If you would like to schedule a meeting or workshop at your office, please call one of our Community Service Centers or dial 311 and ask for Human Rights.

COVID-19 updates

  • Due to the current pandemic, Commission workshops below are being offered virtually.
  • The Commission has added new events in communities facing heightened levels of discrimination and harassment as a result of COVID-19 stigma. View a list of the Commission's COVID-19 Events.

Know Your Obligations and Human Rights Law - Virtual Workshop

Please RSVP to, and we will provide you with registration link.

Wednesday, July 06, 2022: 2:00pm
Monday, July 18, 2022: 1:00pm
Wednesday, July 20, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, July 20, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Thursday, July 21, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, July 27, 2022: 10:00am
Monday, August 15, 2022: 6:00pm
Wednesday, August 17, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, August 17, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Wednesday, August 17, 2022: 2:00pm
Thursday, August 18, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, August 24, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, September 14, 2022: 2:00pm
Monday, September 19, 2022: 1:00pm
Wednesday, September 21, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, September 21, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Thursday, September 22, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, September 28, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, October 12, 2022: 2:00pm
Monday, October 17, 2022: 6:00pm
Wednesday, October 19, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, October 19, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Thursday, October 20, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, October 26, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, November 9, 2022: 2:00pm
Monday, November 14, 2022: 1:00pm
Wednesday, November 16, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, November 16, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Thursday, November 17, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, November 23, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, December 7, 2022: 2:00pm
Monday, December 12, 2022: 6:00pm
Wednesday, December 21, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, December 21, 2022: 11:30am (Spanish)
Thursday, December 22, 2022: 10:00am
Wednesday, December 28, 2022: 10:00am