Decisions and Orders

After the trial, the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) issues a Report and Recommendation, which may include findings of fact, decisions of law, and recommendations on damages and civil penalties. The Commission's Office of General Counsel gathers the Report and Recommendation, along with any post-trial comments and/or objections submitted by the parties, and provides the information to the Office of the Chair (OC) for a final Decision and Order. The OC reviews the matter, including the trial transcripts, evidence presented at trial, ALJ's Report and Recommendation and any post-trial comments or objections de novo, and then issues its Decision and Order, adopting or rejecting – in whole or in part – the ALJ's Report and Recommendation.

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Martinez V. Musso, 09/29/2017

Commission on Human Rights v. Ayhan Aksoy, 06/21/17

Commission on Human Rights v. Sebastian Rozario, 06/21/17

Commission on Human Rights v. Shalom Bombay 2 LLC, et al, 06/21/17

Blue v. Jovic, 5/26/2017

Agosto v. American Construction Associates, LLC, et al, 4/05/2017

Commission on Human Rights v. A Nanny on the Net LLC, 02/10/2017

Jordan v. Raza, 06/07/2016

Spitzer v. Dahbi, 06/07/2016

Stamm v. E&E Bagels, Inc., 04/20/2016

Howe v. Best Apartments, 03/14/2016

Cardenas v. Automatic Meter Reading Corp, 10/28/2015

Commission on Human Rights v. CU 29 Copper Restaurant & Bar, 10/28/2015

Commission on Human Rights v. Crazy Asylum LLC, 10/28/2015