2018 Testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis and other members of the New York City Commission on Human Rights senior staff periodically testify before the City Council on issues involving the Commission and the NYC Human Rights Law.


June 19, 2018

Deputy Commissioner Hollis V. Pfitsch, before the Committees on Women and Governmental Operations

"The Commission supports Intros 879 and 905 to the extent they are consistent with our legal enforcement guidance. However, both bills are drafted in ways that would actually provide less protection than is currently available under the law. If that is truly the intention of the bills, the Commission is interested in understanding the Council’s reasoning behind those limitations, as we are generally not supportive of proposals that would limit current application of the law."

June 18, 2018

General Counsel Damion Stodola Before the Committee on Civil and Human Rights

"During [Commissioner Malalis'] tenure, the Commission has consistently championed legislation like the two bills being considered today and other mechanisms that afford the law’s protections to more New Yorkers, clarify the agency’s expansive interpretation of the law consistent with its construction provision and restoration acts, and generally further the goals of combating discrimination and harassment in key areas of City living. The two bills being considered today expand protections for people who seek reasonable accommodations by protecting them from retaliation by employers, housing providers and providers of public accommodations; and clarify the broad reach of employment protections to independent contractors."

March 26, 2018

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis, before the NYC Council Committee on Civil and Human Rights

"February marked my third year as Commissioner and Chairperson at the Commission, and I am excited to be with you today to share some of what we’ve accomplished over the course of 2017. In a year that saw the City, like jurisdictions across the country, attempting to orient itself to a new and troubling federal reality, I am happy to report that the Commission has continued to build upon its legacy of leadership in civil and human rights, and has fought, every day, to meet the challenges of our times."

February 28, 2018 testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis, before the NYC Council Committee on Civil and Human Rights and Committee on Women

"Over the past three years, under my leadership, the Commission has been particularly aggressive on sexual harassment cases. Gender-based discrimination is consistently one of the most common forms of employment discrimination the Commission investigates. In 2017, claims of gender-based discrimination were the top discrimination area of complaint in employment, with 117 claims, or 17% of all employment-related claims. In the last two years, sexual harassment claims at the Commission increased by 43 percent over the previous two years. Since 2015, the Commission has secured over $1.4 million in penalties and damages for sexual harassment cases."

January 11, 2018 testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis, before California Senate Judiciary Committee

"I want to thank California State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson and her staff for inviting me to speak about the sexual harassment standard in New York City, and I’m honored to testify today before the California Senate Judiciary Committee and Select Committee on Women, Work & Families at this joint informational hearing re-examining the legal standard for sexual harassment in the State of California."