2018 Testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis and other members of the New York City Commission on Human Rights senior staff periodically testify before the City Council on issues involving the Commission and the NYC Human Rights Law.

February 28, 2018 testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis, before the NYC Council Committee on Civil and Human Rights and Committee on Women

"Over the past three years, under my leadership, the Commission has been particularly aggressive on sexual harassment cases. Gender-based discrimination is consistently one of the most common forms of employment discrimination the Commission investigates. In 2017, claims of gender-based discrimination were the top discrimination area of complaint in employment, with 117 claims, or 17% of all employment-related claims. In the last two years, sexual harassment claims at the Commission increased by 43 percent over the previous two years. Since 2015, the Commission has secured over $1.4 million in penalties and damages for sexual harassment cases." Read the Full Testimony

January 11, 2018 testimony

Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis, before California Senate Judiciary Committee

"I want to thank California State Senator Hannah Beth Jackson and her staff for inviting me to speak about the sexual harassment standard in New York City, and I’m honored to testify today before the California Senate Judiciary Committee and Select Committee on Women, Work & Families at this joint informational hearing re-examining the legal standard for sexual harassment in the State of California."  Read Full Testimony