2019 Press Releases

NYC Commission on Human Rights Launches Free, Online Anti-Sexual Harassment Training for Employees Citywide, 04/01/19

“Combating gender-based harassment has been a Commission priority since I began my tenure in 2015. From wide-ranging and thorough investigations, to comprehensive settlement agreements to make victims whole, to issuing the Commission’s highest ever civil penalty in a sexual harassment case, we are demonstrating that the Commission is using every tool at our disposal to combat sexual harassment.  This new, groundbreaking training is another, complementary step the Commission is taking to shift workplace culture and expectations,” says Commissioner and Chair of the New York City Commission on Human Rights Carmelyn P. Malalis. “Public awareness and enforcement are both critical, but education and outreach are also fundamental to this work.  The Commission will continue its work to make sexual harassment a thing of the past. This training provides the tools and knowledge necessary to identify and report sexual harassment and those who perpetrate it.”

NYC Commission On Human Rights and Legal Aid Society Announce Largest-Ever Civil Penalty Levied in Commission History in Affirmation From NY Supreme Court, 03/15/19

The NYC Commission on Human Rights and the Legal Aid Society announce that the Supreme Court of the State of New York, New York County, affirmed Commissioner Carmelyn P. Malalis’ decision in Commission of Human Rights ex rel. Cardenas v. Automatic Meter Reading Corp. and the Estate of Jerry Fund ordering $422,670.26 in damages to the victim for sustained and egregious sexual harassment, and, for the first time, ordering the maximum civil penalty of $250,000 allowable under the NYC Human Rights Law.

NYC Commission On Human Rights Launches New Campaign to Combat Anti-Black Racism in New York City, 03/15/19

“In New York City and the nation as a whole, there is a long and painful history of discrimination against Black people, and efforts to limit their rights and activities,” said Carmelyn P. Malalis, Commissioner and Chair of the NYC Commission on Human Rights.  “This campaign references the deep connections between the fight against anti-Black racism and the fight for human rights.  It affirms the experiences of Black people who have been targeted for discrimination, harassment and intimidation while simply going about their day-to-day lives, and puts those who would seek to discriminate, harass or intimidate Black New Yorkers on notice that bigotry and bias will not be tolerated in our city.”

NYC Commission On Human Rights Announces New Protections and Enforcement Actions Against Discrimination Based On Natural Hairstyles In Employment, Education, And Public Accommodations, 02/18/19

“Policies that limit the ability to wear natural hair or hairstyles associated with Black people aren’t about ‘neatness’ or ‘professionalism’; they are about limiting the way Black people move through workplaces, public spaces and other settings,” said NYC Human Rights Commissioner and Chair Carmelyn P. Malalis. “This new legal enforcement guidance will help school administrators, employers, and providers of public accommodations to understand that Black New Yorkers have the right to wear their hair however they choose without fear of stigma or retaliation. We’re excited to take this step because every New Yorker deserves to be treated with the dignity and respect that the City Human Rights Law is designed to ensure.”