CCRB Appoints Jonathan Darche as New Executive Director

Darche Formerly Served as Acting Executive Director and Chief of the Administrative Prosecution Unit

Jonathan Darche Headshot
Jonathan Darche, formerly the Agency's Chief Prosecutor, was appointed Executive Director

After a nation-wide search, the New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) today appointed Jonathan Darche as Executive Director. Darche begins his new role after serving as Acting Executive Director since November 2016. Darche was formerly the Agency’s Chief Prosecutor, leading the nation’s only administrative prosecutorial division within a civilian police oversight entity—the Administrative Prosecution Unit (APU).

"The Board is proud to appoint Jonathan Darche as CCRB’s new Executive Director,” said Board Chair Maya D. Wiley. “Jonathan has demonstrated a selfless commitment to the Agency’s mission and has vast expertise in the investigation and prosecution of police misconduct cases. We are confident that Jonathan will continue to build on the CCRB’s commitment to a more effective and transparent agency.”

“I am deeply humbled to accept this position. In my time at the Agency, I’ve learned just how vital a role it plays in the lives of all New Yorkers, civilians and members of service alike. I also have the fortune of continuing to serve New York City alongside a dedicated group of public servants—staff who, day in and day out, inspire me to work harder for the people we serve,” said Jonathan Darche.

Darche’s experience and effectiveness in various leadership positions at the CCRB, and his commitment to the Agency’s mission, were key factors in the Board’s decision to select him. Deputy Chief Prosecutor, Andrea Robinson, formerly an Executive Assistant District Attorney at the Kings County District Attorney Office in the Gang Bureau and Investigations Division, has been tapped to succeed Mr. Darche as the Agency’s Chief Prosecutor.

Mr. Darche previously served as Acting Chief of Investigations, guiding the Agency’s hundred civilian investigators. During that time, the Investigative Division eliminated a large backlog of cases and reduced the average time to investigate a complaint by more than 200%.

Darche added, “I also understand the responsibility that comes with this appointment. All of us—the CCRB’s staff, community members, and police officers—have a party to play in improving the climate around policing in our neighborhoods, strengthening accountability, and restoring trust. As the executive director, I’m eager to raise the Agency’s voice in that conversation, and with all of us together, I believe we can find the path forward.”

Prior to joining the CCRB, Mr. Darche worked as an Assistant District Attorney at the Queens County District Attorney's Office. Darche began his career in public service working as a staffer for New York’s Senior Senator Chuck Schumer.