J. Christopher Duerr, Chief of Investigations

As Chief of Investigations, Chris Duerr is the CCRB’s executive staff member responsible for all facets of the Investigations Division. He leads a unit of over 100 civilian staff members, including a team of senior staff directors and managers and over 80 investigators. Mr. Duerr also collaborates with other CCRB executive staff members, CCRB board members, NYPD executives, and other outside agencies in furtherance of conducting thorough, objective, and efficient independent investigations. He has served in numerous capacities in the Investigations Division since starting as an entry-level investigator in 2003. In 2012, he helped build the country’s first Administrative Prosecution Unit, where he acted as the Investigations Supervisor until 2015. In that role, he also led an interdisciplinary committee to revise the Investigative Manual, which resulted in a dynamic “living” manual that is updated in real time to address emerging issues and as policies and practices evolve. The Investigations Manual has been shared with agencies nationally and internationally, and it is the model for effective organization of civilian oversight investigations of the law enforcement. Mr. Duerr received a Bachelor of Arts, with a concentration in Economics, from the University of Michigan.