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Proposed Action Plan Amendments

The City of New York has proposed the following two amendments to its CDBG-DR Action Plan for the $4.21 billion in Federal disaster aid from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to help with recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

You can view a summary of the proposed changes below, or read the full documents through our Amendments page.

Public Hearing on the Hunts Point Resiliency: Hunts Point Resiliency Presentation

Comment on Action Plan amendments:

The comment period for the proposed CDBG-DR Action Plan Amendments 19 have closed.


Action Plan Amendment 19 proposes the following reallocation of funds:


  • Reclassifies $875,000 of existing NYCHA Public Housing funding to continue the NYCHA Workforce Development program.

Infrastructure and Other City Services

  • Reallocates $1.6 million of surplus IOCS – Public Services funds to Administration.

Planning and Administration

  • Reallocates $15.4 million of Planning funds to Administration to ensure the City can access these funds until September 2022.