Street Activity Permit Office Staff

Our staff understands how important your event is to your organization. Our aim is to provide assistance and guide you through the event permitting process, while also ensuring that events in our City are compliant with City rules as well as safe and enjoyable for all.

We invite you to learn more about our agency and hope that you contact us with any questions or concerns.

Dawn Tolson, Director, SAPO

Dawn Tolson
Director, SAPO

Desiree Beach, Deputy Director, SAPO

Desiree Beach
Deputy Director, SAPO

Shaneek Meechum, Associate Director, SAPO

Shaneek Meechum
Associate Director, SAPO

Anna Carthen, Brooklyn Borough Manager

Anna Carthen
Brooklyn Borough Manager

Cathy Luong, Manhattan Borough Manager

Cathy Luong
Manhattan Borough Manager

Chanel Green, SAPO Citywide Fairs and Markets Manager

Chanel Green
SAPO Citywide Fairs and Markets Manager

Maria Nunez, Staten Island, Queens, and The Bronx Borough Manager

Maria Nunez
Staten Island, Queens, and The Bronx Borough Manager

Maureen DeSantis, SAPO Special Projects Coordinator

Maureen DeSantis
SAPO Special Projects Coordinator

Sharon Harry, Brooklyn Borough Coordinator

Sharon Harry
Brooklyn Borough Coordinator

Tina Urciuoli, Finance Manager

Tina Urciuoli
Finance Manager

To view all members of our Citywide Event Coordination and Management Office, visit the CECM Staff page.