Get Involved

Get Involved

Two smiling volunteers holding megaphones, wearing t-shirts that says NYC Census 2020.

In 2010, New York City’s self-response rate was less than 62%—compared a national average of 76%.

An undercount puts our fair share of billions of dollars in federal funds and our political representation at stake!


New York City: We only have until September 30th to complete the 2020 Census and only approximately half of all New Yorkers have completed it so far! We need your help. There are plenty of exciting opportunities to get involved in the 2020 Census campaign. As we enter the final stages of the decennial count, it’s more urgent than ever to achieve the highest response rate possible.

Predictive Dialer Phonebanks — Every Day of the Week!

  1. What is this? Using our predictive dialer tool, you will be able to call hundreds of New Yorkers in neighborhoods with the lowest self-response rates to date, encourage them to fill out the census and patch them through directly to the U.S. Census Bureau so they can fill out the census over the phone. All you will need is a phone and a computer to participate.
  2. How can I participate? You can find our full predictive dialer schedule and sign up for several of our upcoming phonebanks at Once you sign up for a phonebank, we will set you up with everything you need to successfully “call out the count”!

Friends and Family Outreach

  1. What is this? During this time, many of us are checking in with friends and family more frequently. As we make sure our friends and family members are safe and healthy, we can help secure the health of New York City by reminding them to fill out the 2020 Census to help ensure our city’s recovery from this crisis. We have put together a “friends and family outreach” toolkit, which includes resources to help you organize your outreach and messaging to help frame your conversations.
  2. How can I participate? You can sign up here and find all resources to participate at

Digital Organizing

  1. What is this? We’ve created 15 language-specific group chats (from Albanian to Urdu) across messaging apps like WhatsApp, WeChat, KakaoTalk, and Viber, for you to receive and share language-specific census information with your networks. We also have social media graphics and suggested posts for you to share in various languages.
  2. How can I participate? You can join one of our group chats by visiting, and you can find shareable social media content at

Food and Poster Distribution

  1. What is this? City agencies and non-profit organizations are distributing emergency food bags to millions of New Yorkers. Join us in assisting New Yorkers in completing the census at food distribution sites so our communities have the resources they deserve for the next decade. All volunteers will be provided PPE (gloves and mask) and will be expected to strictly observe social distancing guidelines. Please also join us in asking local business owners to place census posters in storefronts, bodegas, etc. 

How can I participate? Sign up here to assist New Yorkers in completing the census at food distribution sites and sign up here asking local business owners to place census posters in storefronts, bodegas, etc.

Neighborhood Organizing Census Committees (NOCCs)

By volunteering with your Neighborhood Organizing Census Committee (NOCC), you’ll have the opportunity to canvass, phonebank, and text with your community to ensure that everyone is counted.

Sign up for our next information session and training.

Learn more about NOCCs here.