NYC Census 2020 on Latest Self-Response Data from the U.S. Census Bureau

NEW YORK - In a major milestone and in a sign that New York City's organizing efforts and investments have been transformative, even amidst an unprecedented global pandemic and relentless attacks from the Trump Administration, New York City's 2020 Census self-response rate today stands at 61.8%, essentially matching the city's 2010 Initial Return Rate of 61.9%.

In response to the news, Julie Menin, Director of NYC Census 2020 and Executive Assistant Corporation Counsel, NYC Law Department released the following statement:

"What New Yorkers and this team have done, amid a deadly, unchecked pandemic, is truly remarkable. None of this would have been possible without a smart, dedicated, and aggressive team, community partners, elected officials, and organizations who seamlessly created an entirely new outreach plan out of thin air after COVID-19. They recognized the absolute urgency of the moment. With the federal government working against New York, throwing up roadblock after roadblock, we have been able to fight and claw our way to a rate that even the U.S. Census Bureau did not think we could reach even before COVID-19 hit."