What's a NOCC?

What's a NOCC?

Two people wearing census shirts talking with an older gentleman on a street.

Your Neighborhood Organizing Census Committee — or NOCC — is a group of volunteers based in a specific neighborhood working to ensure everyone in the community is counted!

Our NOCC program is all about putting the power in your hands — because the best way to make sure every community is counted is for communities to organize themselves. NOCCs will help provide an organizational structure for local volunteers to do their own direct outreach to their friends, families, and neighbors, with support from NYC Census 2020.

Because all the NOCCs and their volunteers will be rooted in their communities, they will have organic connections to the culture, needs, and resources of their neighborhoods. That’s how they’ll build trust and help people understand why the census is so important not just for New York City, but for their own local community.

Volunteers will organize teach-ins, phone-banks, and text-banks to get out the count. Each volunteer will choose which team they want to work with — and how much responsibility they wish to take on.

The 2020 Census is just around the corner, and it’s never too early to start organizing. Check out your neighborhood’s NOCC and learn how you can help get your community counted!

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Only 61.9% of New York households Households were counted as "self-responding" if they mailed back the first census form they received. Households that do not initially respond are sent additional mailings and may be visited by Census Bureau employees.self-responded in 2010. The nationwide rate was over 10 points higher, at 75.8%.