Message from the First Lady of NYC

Message from the First Lady of NYC

First Lady Chirlane McCray

Dear Friend,

Welcome to New York City! Thank you for joining our Cities Thrive Coalition and taking a leadership role in the mental health movement.

One in five Americans suffers from a mental health condition, which means everyone—including your family and mine—is directly or indirectly affected by the lack of adequate services. For too long now, discussion of anxiety, depression, substance misuse and other conditions have been conducted only in whispers and innuendo.

That is finally starting to change. In cities from coast to coast, mayors and their allies are coming together to shatter the stigma of mental illness and develop innovative new ways to address mental health challenges before they become more serious, close treatment gaps, and partner with communities to create culturally competent solutions.

Here in New York City, we launched ThriveNYC, a roadmap to change the way people think about mental health, and the way the City and its partners deliver services. My team and I look forward to updating you on our progress, but we are even more eager to hear your insights and experiences.

Cities Thrive brings together some of our nation's best thinkers on mental health to brainstorm new ideas, discuss best practices, create an ongoing conversation, and push our federal partners to join us in making mental health and substance misuse a top priority. With your help, we can build a network of cities primed for action. We are excited that you are joining with us to change America's mindset around the mind.


Chirlane McCray

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