Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our Challenge

As a partner of the Cities Thrive Coalition, I stand with my peers from across the country in support of a stronger, better-funded, and more integrated behavioral health system for all Americans.

Our Mission is to:

  • Build Our Capacity for Action
    Coalition partners help amplify our collective voice through information-sharing within their membership network. Participation is a strategic and deliberate process, and reflects our shared belief in the universal benefit of mental health reform. Members will help recruit additional organizations to join our ranks.
  • Engage with the Coalition to Lead a Shared National Mental Health Agenda
    Partners can participate in coalition activities to shape the national narrative around mental health reform. This collaboration ranges from joining monthly strategy calls, to engaging in national days of action, shaping a legislative agenda and partaking in discussions on implementation. Members pledge to participate in one monthly coalition activity.
  • Advocate for Comprehensive Mental Health Reform
    Coalition partners and members encourage federal officials locally and nationally to pursue legislative initiatives to promote mental wellbeing and prevent illness through a comprehensive public health approach. Doing so will help realize the life-changing economic, social, and cultural impact of comprehensive mental health reform. Members pledge to keep the coalition informed of any new legislative initiatives around behavioral health happening within their cities.
  • Advise Coalition on Best Practices and Policies for Mental Health Initiatives
    The coalition creates a unique space where policy leaders exchange tactics that promote mental health reform at the local level. Coalition members have a unique opportunity to innovate and share best practices for improving mental wellbeing.

For more information on the actions cities and counties are taking, please contact us.