Apply to Serve on Your Community Board

Community Boards are essential to the fabric of democracy in New York City. They impact how your community is seen and heard, on issues that affect your neighborhood—from housing to school infrastructure to recycling.

Community boards are only as strong as their members. Informed, civically engaged members who represent the diversity of New Yorkers will help make community boards more responsive, fair, and inclusive of the communities they serve. Your unique voice in your community—as a mother of young children, a transportation advocate, or local teacher—helps community boards be more representative.

The 2019 Borough Presidents' reports on community board demographics revealed that there are hundreds of vacancies across New York City's 59 community boards. As Borough Presidents' offices begin accepting applications, consider volunteering your time to your community board. Your participation ensures the voice of your community is reflected in city's planning and budgeting process.

To join your community board, you must live, work, or have another interest within your district. The process involves an application through your Borough President's office and an interview. You may also apply to serve on your community board through your Council Member. Each term is 2-years and typically involves one board meeting a month and monthly sub-committee meetings.

Find your community board and get involved!

To apply to serve on your board, click on your borough name to go directly to the application:

The Bronx Due: February 5th, 2021
Brooklyn Due: February 12, 2021
Manhattan Due: February 1st, 2020
Queens Due: February 19, 2021
Staten Island Due: Rolling Deadline