Attend Public Hearings and Meetings

Attend Public Hearings and Meetings

City Council

Meetings of the New York City Council are streamed live online. For a list of upcoming meetings and information on how to participate, visit the New York City Council Website.

Find your City Council Member and their contact information.

City Agencies

NYC Engage is a new portal where you can find information about how to participate in public meetings being held remotely by City Agencies. Agencies including  the Department of City Planning, the Landmarks Preservation Commission, and the Civilian Complaint Review Board are listing their meetings on this site. Visit NYC Engage for a full list of public agency meetings.

Understanding and Participating in the City's Rulemaking Process

A rule is a type of law that is proposed and adopted by a City agency. Rules are distinguished from other forms of laws by the process that agencies must follow to enact or amend them. This process is known as the City Administrative Procedure Act, or CAPA. 

CAPA is included in Chapter 45 of the New York City Charter and describes the steps that agencies must take when proposing a rule. CAPA is meant to encourage engagement with the public and transparency in the rulemaking process.

The rulemaking process generally takes a minimum of 60 days, and during this period agencies are required to provide New Yorkers with an opportunity to review and comment on the proposed rules.   New Yorkers can directly petition an Agency to add, amend, or repeal an existing rule. To learn more about the types of rules proposed and how you can participate visit the NYC Rules website.