Community Boards

The Top 9 Things Community Board Members Need to Know


1.  Community Board members are part-time public servants subject to the City’s conflicts of interest law, found in Chapter 68, with some special requirements.


2.  Community Board members cannot vote on any matter that could result in a personal and direct economic gain for themselves or any “associated” person, business, or not-for-profit organization.


3.  Community Board members may participate in discussions about matters in which they have an interest only after disclosing that interest to the Community Board.


4.  Community Board members may not represent their private business or a private client before their Community Board.


5.  Community Board members who also work for a City agency cannot vote on any matter concerning their City agency.


6.  Community Board members cannot have a job or ownership interest in companies or not-for-profit organizations that do business with their Community Board.


7.  Community Board members may serve on committees that regularly consider matters concerning their private interests but cannot vote on such matters and must disclose their interest before discussing such matters.


8.  Community Board Committee Chairs cannot have an interest in a firm or not-for-profit organization that regularly has matters that come before the committee.


9.  Community Board Chairs are permitted to have interests in companies or not-for-profit organizations that have matters that come before their community board, so long as they step down as Chair at meetings where such matters are discussed or voted on.


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