The Top 7 Things City Employees Need to Know About Investing in a Company


1. City employees may own any amount of stock in any company through a pension plan, deferred compensation plan, or mutual fund.

2. City employees may own any amount of stock in a publicly traded company as long as that company does not do business with their own City agency.

3. Except as indicated above, City employees may not own more than $50,000 worth of stock or five percent of stock (whichever is less) in a company that has business dealings with their own City agency.

4. Business dealings with the City include contracts, funding grants, recurring permitting, and some City regulations.

5. It is the City employee’s responsibility to figure out whether the company where he or she might invest has City business dealings. That can be found out by the checking the Doing Business Database or

6. A City employee who owns $10,000 or more of stock in a company that does business with his or her agency may not take any official action to benefit that company.

7. A City employee who owns less than $10,000 of stock in a company must disclose his or her ownership of that stock to the Board before taking any official action that would affect that company.


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