A number of local organizations offer information on specific efficiency topics that are relevant to building owners and decision-makers in NYC. Here are a few of these educational resources to get you started.

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator

The NYC Retrofit Accelerator provides one-to two-day hands-on training sessions for building operators and has a library of training courses from NYC-area providers.

Building Energy Exchange

Building Energy Exchange (BEEx) is a local non-profit organization created by the City in 2010. BEEx is a physical resource center focused on building energy and lighting efficiency, providing classes, training, events, and exhibits, as well as an online portal with comprehensive information and resources.


GreeNYC is New York City's public education program dedicated to informing, engaging, and mobilizing New Yorkers to take simple, meaningful steps to reduce their energy use, generate less waste, and live more sustainable lifestyles.

NYC Carbon Challenge

The NYC Carbon Challenge is the City's voluntary leadership program for private and institutional sector leaders to reduce their building-based emissions by 30‒50 percent in 10 years.For more information, check out the Carbon Challenge resources, including case studies of Carbon Challenge participants and a handbook for co-ops and condos.

NYC Energy & Water Performance

New York City Energy & Water Performance Map helps convey the energy and water efficiency of more than 26,000 buildings across New York's five boroughs. This tool is based on Local Law 84, which requires private buildings over 50,000 ft2 and public sector buildings over 10,000 ft2 to report their energy and water consumption each year for public disclosure.