Meet the Executive Director

Meet the Executive Director

Christopher Caruso

Executive Director Christopher Caruso

Caruso is a social entrepreneur at the intersection of schools and communities. Early in his career he worked at Children’s Aid Society, first as program director in a community school, and later moving to the central office to become the first budget director for community schools.

In ‘02, Chris became budget director at the Human Resources Administration; in '04 he moved to the Department of Youth and Community Development, where he was eventually appointed Assistant Commissioner for Out-of-School Time (OST), overseeing the Mayoral initiative that created the country’s largest OST system; in 2010 he went to lead generationOn, a national education & youth service org; and in late 2011 became Senior Vice President at TASC for ExpandED Schools.

Caruso joined the de Blasio Administration in 2015 as Executive Director for Community Schools at the Department of Education.