Tracking Likelihood of Re-Arrest

The Data Analytic Recidivism Tool (DART) helps answer questions about recidivism in New York City.

  • Are people that commit a certain type of crime more likely to be re-arrested?
  • What about people in a certain age group or those with prior convictions?

DART lets users look at recidivism rates for selected groups defined by characteristics of defendants and their cases.

How to Use This Tool

To ensure reliability, DART only generates recidivism reports for groups of 250 defendants or more. Therefore, DART works best when groups are defined by a few characteristics (e.g., charge and criminal history). It makes sense to start with one or two characteristics and then refine the search by selecting additional ones.
Please note the following:

The report showing recidivism data tells you how many defendants are in your selected group.

After receiving your initial report, you can modify your selection directly on the left hand side of the page and DART will refresh the results. As data for multiple years becomes available, you will be able to use more characteristics to narrow your search.

Start Using DART