More Access to Community Centers, Youth Employment, and Programming

As part of the Mayor's Action Plan on Neighborhood Safety, the City has augmented programming, youth employment, and access to community centers.

  • High unemployment and low educational achievement are contributing factors to high crime rates. Recognizing that reducing crime starts with prevention, last year the City invested $15.6 million to expand key programs to help build stronger individuals, families and communities.
  • As part of the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, New York City expanded summer hours at 107 community centers in NYCHA developments citywide and added 850 openings in the Summer Youth Employment Program in the 15 selected developments.
  • The Department of Probation’s Arches mentoring program for violent and/or gang-involved youth has expanded to serve an additional 200 young people from the 15 targeted developments.


  • 23,300 visitors used community centers during expanded summer hours in Summer 2014.
  • 1381 NYCHA youth were served by the Summer Youth Employment Program in Summer 2014.
  • 224 youth from the 15 targeted developments have been enrolled in the Arches Next STEPS mentoring program.