Strengthening Police/Resident Joint Problem Solving

Creating a Permanent, Regular Way for Residents and the Government to Jointly Monitor and Improve Public Safety

  • The city is building out a neighborhood “compstat,” which will include regular meetings between police, city agencies, and residents to review data and track results. These meetings will ensure that the City is able to evaluate progress in real time and deliver results. As part of the lead up, the City has been conducting resident surveys and engaging residents in Community Action Projects.
  • As part of the Mayor's Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, the NYPD has re-allocated more than 700 officers to precincts and NYCHA developments in greatest need, increasing the NYPD’s housing bureau by a third. Officers continue to strengthen relationships with NYCHA communities by conducting wellness visits to individuals involved in accidents, and making more visits to victims of domestic crimes.


  • In the fall of 2014, MOCJ directed a series of listening sessions across the 15 MAP developments in order to better understand residents’ needs and concerns, and to coordinate the deployment of resources and services. Over 500 individuals attended the sessions.
  • As part of the Mayor’s Action Plan for Neighborhood Safety, residents of Boulevard Houses engaged in a Community Action Project to organize events for officers from the local NYPD precinct to engage in dialogue with residents to address trauma and repair police/resident relationships.